I have been writing fiction for most of my life, and publishing it since 2017. Below are links to all my published works, books featuring my work that are available now, and details of awards I have won or been shortlisted for.

Books available for purchase now

Short Stories

Light On His Feet for a Big Man

Published by Fairlight Books.

The House that Exploded

Published in The York Journal, issue 2.

The Heart of Everything Young

Published in Houses Borders Ghosts from The Fiction Desk.

The Sudden End of Everything

First published in Glimmer Train issue 100, and republished at Belle Ombre.


Published at Belle Ombre

The Weight of Nothing

Published in The Brick Lane Bookshop Short Story Award Anthology 2019.

What is Proper to Stones

First published in The Nottingham Review issue 11 and reprinted in The Wax Paper issue 12.

We’re Looking for Our Friend, We Don’t Know His Name

Published at Belle Ombre


Published in 100 Words of Solitude and available in print from Rare Swan Press.


Published at Ellipsis Zine

My History as a Bystander to Automotive Arson

Published in Door is a Jar issue 16 and available to read on the DIAJ award page.

A Stranger in Your World

Published at The Dime Show Review and included in their annual print edition from 2017.

The Room with the Mandala Rug

Published at Typishly.

The Surface Tension of Water

Published at Five on the Fifth issue 5.

Give My Regards to All the People I Met

Published at The Green Briar Review issue 6.2.

Before You Were Born

Published at Hypnopomp issue 12.


The Bridport Prize – shortlisted 2016

Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers – 1st place 2016

The Raymond Carver Short Story Contest – shortlisted 2019

The Brick Lane Bookshop Short Story Prize – shortlisted 2019

Door is a Jar Award – 1st place – 2020

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