Short Stories

My History as a Bystander to Automotive Arson – Published in Door is a Jar, issue 16

Touch – Published in 100 Words of Solitude

Before You Were Born – Published in Hynopomp, issue 12.

The Surface Tension of Water – Published in Five on the Fifth, February 2020

The Sudden End of Everything – Republished in Belle Ombre , 2019

The Weight of Nothing – Published in The Brick Lane Bookshop Short Story Prize 2019 anthology.

Give My Regards to All the People I Met – Published in The Green Briar Review, issue 6.2, Spring 2019

We’re Looking for Our Friend, We Don’t Know His Name – Published in Belle Ombre, 2018

What Is Proper to Stones – Published in The Nottingham Review, issue 11

The Room with the Mandala Rug – Published in Typishly, 2018

A Stranger in Your World – Published in The Dime Show Review, and in their print anthology.

The Sudden End of Everything – Published in Glimmer Train, issue 100.

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