Short Stories

The Surface Tension of Water

Published in Five on the Fifth, February 2020

The Sudden End of Everything

Republished in Belle Ombre , 2019

The Weight of Nothing

Published in The Brick Lane Bookshop Short Story Prize 2019 anthology.

Give My Regards to All the People I Met

Published in The Green Briar Review, issue 6.2, Spring 2019

We’re Looking for Our Friend, We Don’t Know His Name

Published in Belle Ombre, 2018

What is Proper to Stones

Published in The Nottingham Review, issue 11

The Room with the Mandala Rug

Published in Typishly, 2018

A Stranger in Your World

Published in The Dime Show Review, and in their print anthology.

The Sudden End of Everything

Published in Glimmer Train, issue 100.

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