My Independent Publishing Manifesto

I sort of fell into independent publishing sideways. I decided I’d give it a try a few years ago and then ended up getting more and more into the idea. There is something about it that really appeals to me, going it alone, doing everything my way (for better or worse), answering to no oneContinue reading “My Independent Publishing Manifesto”

Too dark to read

It is Halloween and so I am engaged in my traditional Halloween activity. I am sat in the dark, pretending not to be in. There are no sweets in the house and so it is imperative that no one should knock on the door expecting some. Hiding in the dark is actually kinda fun, creepingContinue reading “Too dark to read”

Eggers! McEwan! Others! Paradox!

Its been a while since my last blog post. I have been pretty busy, working on my new book (which is very close to a finished first draft) and putting together a print edition of my first novel, Middling. These things have been filling up my time fairly thoroughly and leaving little time for thingsContinue reading “Eggers! McEwan! Others! Paradox!”

This should have been obvious, but it wasn’t

I was reading a collection of George Orwell essays the other day and I had a realisation. I hope this doesn’t make me come off as too much of a dolt but something he wrote suddenly made me think of something in a way I had never thought of it before. The essay was TheContinue reading “This should have been obvious, but it wasn’t”

Why reading is better than listening

A couple of years ago I did an evening class in counselling skills. As an introductory course it covered the basics with fairly broad strokes and was predominantly concerned with how to listen. The issue of listening seems simple on the surface. It actually doesn’t take too much effort to sit quietly and let theContinue reading “Why reading is better than listening”