So I Unpublished All My Books On Amazon

I’m a little embarrassed about how neglected my blog has been. Months and I haven’t found time to write a single word on here. I feel vaguely justified given how much harder my work life has been than normal, but still, I thought I was better than this. Turns out, I’m not. Turns out IContinue reading “So I Unpublished All My Books On Amazon”

To Cut, Or Not To Cut

About a month ago I was in a second hand bookshop in a little Norfolk town called Beccles. It’s a lovely shop, built into an old Victorian townhouse with book shelves lining the walls of the rooms that had at one point been bedrooms and kitchens and things. It was the second time I hadContinue reading “To Cut, Or Not To Cut”

Can I Tell You About My Twitchy Face?

So after many years and several attempts I finally kinda sorta have a diagnosis for why my face tics and twitches so much. Of course you reading this won’t know how much it happens as I am currently hiding my ticcy twitchy face behind this wall of text. I have for a while been thinkingContinue reading “Can I Tell You About My Twitchy Face?”