The Case of the Missing Apostrophe

So Waterstone’s is dropping the apostrophe to become Waterstones (note how I, unlike everyone else on the internet that has written about this, am not asking you to note the correct use of the apostrophe when I type Waterstone’s). Now I like an apostrophe as much as the next man – I’ve read Eats, ShootsContinue reading “The Case of the Missing Apostrophe”

The tragic saga of the onion chutney

I have been in a doing mood recently. I noticed that if I’m not careful quite large chunks of time can pass by quietly without me even really noticing them. It’s almost November but the year still feels young. Somehow I have nearly been married for a whole year. So, when I noticed that timeContinue reading “The tragic saga of the onion chutney”

My recent adventures with short stories

I have been writing a lot of short stories lately. I hadn’t written one for ages, I think the last one I wrote was the first one I sold and that was in 2007. My novel took up all of my time since then but recently I decided to take a break from it (thereContinue reading “My recent adventures with short stories”

Another awkward scenario

On Friday I was walking from the train station to the supermarket via the shopping center and I saw an old school friend coming the other way. When we were at school we were good friends but in the intervening years we lost touch entirely. The only time I have seen him since was onceContinue reading “Another awkward scenario”