Before You Were Born

So I finished formatting my small collection of five short stories and have now uploaded it to the kindle store. Here’s a link to its page on Amazon and here’s a link to my page on this blog about it. I can remember when I first started pursuing writing seriously and saying that I would never self-publish.Continue reading “Before You Were Born”

Been a while since I wrote a post here. Sometimes life gets all hectic. Between the evening classes I have taken up, going running wherever possible and cramming in as much training as I can at work my home life has mostly become about lying on the couch recovering. I’ve had a few things thatContinue reading

My recent adventures with short stories

I have been writing a lot of short stories lately. I hadn’t written one for ages, I think the last one I wrote was the first one I sold and that was in 2007. My novel took up all of my time since then but recently I decided to take a break from it (thereContinue reading “My recent adventures with short stories”