November Happened

November seemed like it disappeared in a flash. One minute I was sat in the Waterstones café setting down the first tentative words of my Nanowrimo project, the next I was plugging the numbers in to the website to get my little winners medal. 50,000 words in 30 days is the goal. I managed itContinue reading “November Happened”

Mr B’s Reading Year

If you love books (and I know that you do) then probably the best birthday present you could receive would be some sort of monthly book subscription where a bookseller takes note of all the things you like the best, and all the things you would like to try, and all the things you aren’tContinue reading “Mr B’s Reading Year”

On Being a Terrible Listener

Listening is a harder thing to do than it seems. The other day someone I know told me she had seen a movie, asked me if I had seen it (it was Cloud Atlas, and I had, as well as having read the novel it was based on,) and five minutes later I realised IContinue reading “On Being a Terrible Listener”

Cambridge Literary Festival

Yesterday afternoon I was at Cambridge Literary Festival to see Matt Haig talking about his new book, Reasons to Stay Alive. I had planned to see more than just the one talk, but Matt Haig clashed with another I wanted to see, and I also couldn’t get tickets for the neurosurgeon, Henry Marsh. I really wantedContinue reading “Cambridge Literary Festival”