Mr B’s Reading Year

If you love books (and I know that you do) then probably the best birthday present you could receive would be some sort of monthly book subscription where a bookseller takes note of all the things you like the best, and all the things you would like to try, and all the things you aren’tContinue reading “Mr B’s Reading Year”

My Independent Publishing Manifesto

I sort of fell into independent publishing sideways. I decided I’d give it a try a few years ago and then ended up getting more and more into the idea. There is something about it that really appeals to me, going it alone, doing everything my way (for better or worse), answering to no oneContinue reading “My Independent Publishing Manifesto”

How to make an e-book

My to-do list for making a kindle e-book of my novel. 1. Duplicate book file and replace all images with correct versions. 2. Convert to .mobi to check pictures are displaying correctly. 3. If pictures are displaying open .html file in notepad and add manual page breaks. 4. Remake as .mobi to check page breaksContinue reading “How to make an e-book”

Me, inside; snow, outside

Taking a week off work in February might not seem like the best use of my annual leave but that’s what I have done. One of the nicest feelings I have ever encountered is going to bed on a Sunday night knowing that I don’t have to leave the house on Monday morning. Especially whenContinue reading “Me, inside; snow, outside”

It’s a narrow world

I was reading the Guardian bookclub article today and it was a short piece about coincidence. It is a matter of coincidence that I have been tinkering with in a touch-up of my oh-so-nearly finished novel recently. There is, in the fourth chapter, a coincidental moment that takes control of the story and gets my┬áprotagonist┬átoContinue reading “It’s a narrow world”