The Vague Days of 2017

This is my favourite time of year, the vague days after Christmas where all the urgency has gone out of everything, all the pressures of the festive period are lifted. There’s still chocolates and biscuits and cake, but I don’t want to eat them. Every year, by about the 27th what I really want isContinue reading “The Vague Days of 2017”

Re-reading old favourites; The Virgin Suicides

I don’t tend to re-read books very often. Sometimes I dip back in and read little bits, but not the whole book. Whenever I pick an old favourite off the shelf I end up feeling like I ought to stop and read something new. As though time is so precious and finite that there isn’tContinue reading “Re-reading old favourites; The Virgin Suicides”

The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides

I first discovered Jeffrey Eugenides after seeing the film adaptation of his debut, The Virgin Suicides. I liked the film so much I read the book, and promptly fell more in love with the book than I was with the film. It is darkly poetic and had the tone and quality of magic realism withoutContinue reading “The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides”