The question I would have asked Emma Donoghue

I just got back from a weekend away in Norwich scouting whether or not Norwich will be a nice place to relocate to in two years time when relocation is something we are going to do. At no point did we hear anyone talk loudly about shooting or stabbing anyone, which did happen the evening before we went in our current homestead, so that bodes well. But of all the nice things about Norwich, of which there were many, the one that really clinched it for me was seeing the flyer advertising that the Norwich Waterstones was hosting an evening with Emma Donoghue, author of Room, one of last years Booker prize short-list. This never happens in the town I currently live in.¬†Unfortunately for me Emma Donoghue’s visit to Norwich was not going to happen until a few days after I was there, so I had no chance at all of going. I’m not sure if she was just doing a reading or a q+a, but had it been a q+a, and had I been able to go, I know what question I would have asked.

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