Me, inside; snow, outside

Taking a week off work in February might not seem like the best use of my annual leave but that’s what I have done. One of the nicest feelings I have ever encountered is going to bed on a Sunday night knowing that I don’t have to leave the house on Monday morning. Especially whenContinue reading “Me, inside; snow, outside”

Beautiful objects

It happened again. I was at work holding my kindle, settling yet another semantics argument with the dictionary, and someone came along and said ‘oh is that one of those e-book thingies?’ I said it was and, knowing that she is a reader herself, asked if she was thinking of getting one. She said no,Continue reading “Beautiful objects”

Before You Were Born

So I finished formatting my small collection of five short stories and have now uploaded it to the kindle store. Here’s a link to its page on Amazon and here’s a link to my page on this blog about it. I can remember when I first started¬†pursuing¬†writing seriously and saying that I would never self-publish.Continue reading “Before You Were Born”

The dangers and short-comings of e-books

On Friday afternoon I finished work a bit earlier than usual and so arrived back home while the local Waterstones was still open. I popped in to have a little browse and bumped into a friend who works there. We, and another guy who works there, got into a bit of a discussion about theContinue reading “The dangers and short-comings of e-books”