A long trailing edge to a very steep bell curve

I don’t play as many video games as I used to. There was a time that I would keep up with all the unusual and interesting games that came along, but now I hardly do. I put my Xbox on from time to time, play about half an hour of something mindless and then switchContinue reading “A long trailing edge to a very steep bell curve”

Before You Were Born

So I finished formatting my small collection of five short stories and have now uploaded it to the kindle store. Here’s a link to its page on Amazon and here’s a link to my page on this blog about it. I can remember when I first started¬†pursuing¬†writing seriously and saying that I would never self-publish.Continue reading “Before You Were Born”

Self-publishing in the digital age

For as long as I have been writing with the intent to eventually try to sell what I write I have had people ask if I would self-publish. My answer was always no. Self-publishing, vanity press and print-on-demand always seemed like a bit of a cop out. Like giving up before I had even started.Continue reading “Self-publishing in the digital age”