100 Words of Solitude the book

The print editions of the 100 Words of Solitude project are now available. Mine arrived the other day and it is a beautiful thing, bringing together 100 individual responses to the pandemic, the lockdowns, the isolation and the uncertainty. This is wonderul collection of insightful, moving pieces of writing and I am proud to be a part of it. All proceeds to be donated to humanitarian charities in the continuing effort of recovering from the bizarre year that we have all experienced.

Copies are available to buy from Rare Swan Press and more information about the project as well as more writing projects are on the 100 Words of Solitude site.

My History as a Bystander to Automotive Arson

My first ever piece of non-fiction has been published in the most recent issue of Door is a Jar. It’s a short personal essay detailing the three separate occassions in which people have set fire to cars directly outside my home.

Spanning 15 years, three different houses and two different towns, it seems that setting cars on fire is a criminal pastime that has survived the test of time.

Door is a Jar issue 16 is available in print or ebook format right here.

Lockdown reading

Inspired by author Simon Kinch (Two Sketches of Disjointed Happiness) I put together a tiny little book of two short stories and am giving them away to anyone that would like a little something extra to read during these weird lockdown times.

I have about ten left and am giving them away to anyone that would like one. If you would like one, drop me a note (contact info on the contact page) with an address and I’ll put one in the post. (Non-UK might take more time for me to be able to mail, but I’ll do it as and when I can.)

One of the stories has been published before, one has not. But it’s a nice little thing. I found doing the typesetting pretty therapeutic.

100 Words of Solitude

100 Words of Solitude is a project that aims to publish 100 different 100 word short stories in response to the global coronavirus issue and the effects of isolation and social distancing. Writers from across the world have contributed and readers from many countries have visited to read these short, personal responses.

I have contributed a piece to this timely, fascinating project but they are still looking for more.