The Opposite of Spenders Regret

I never thought of myself as someone that gets low in the winter, never noticed any tangible drop in my mood as winter encroaches on the daylight and the temperature lowers, but there’s no doubt that there is an upswing in my mood when Spring arrives. I was walking through the high street this weekContinue reading “The Opposite of Spenders Regret”

Some Books I Read This Year

So as I sit here with my news years eve lunch of cheese and crackers (a mild goats cheese with some delicious red onion chutney) I’m going to scroll back through the 2016 shelf of my goodreads account and remember some of the books that I enjoyed the most this year. I hope you don’tContinue reading “Some Books I Read This Year”

A New Found Sense of Possibility

I have had a very good end to the year. A short story that I wrote called The Sudden End of Everything won first place in Glimmer Trains New Writer Award. This, coupled with being short-listed for The Bridport Prize in the short story category, has made this an amazing year for me. Glimmer TrainContinue reading “A New Found Sense of Possibility”