Been a while since I wrote a post here. Sometimes life gets all hectic. Between the evening classes I have taken up, going running wherever possible and cramming in as much training as I can at work my home life has mostly become about lying on the couch recovering. I’ve had a few things that I have been meaning to write about on here, so I’ll whiz through them quickly before I forget all about them.

There have been a couple of books that I have read recently that were noteworthy. The first is The Tiny Wife. This is the first book that I have actually felt moved to go and write an amazon review about. I had read one of Andrew Kaufman’s other books, All My Friends Are Superheros, earlier this year. When I heard about this one I pre-ordered on amazon. It turned up on the day of release and I read it the next morning at about 7am before I had breakfast. One of the phrases that crops up a lot about it seems to be ‘small but perfectly formed’. That is a sentiment I couldn’t agree with more. Kaufman has a real talent for packing a lot of substance into very few words. It’s quirky and charming and imaginative, gorgeously illustrated and well worth taking a look at.

I also read The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. The only issue I have with Jon Ronson is remembering whether his name is Jon Ronson or Ron Jonson. Before writing this I had to go and check. I had not read anything of his before. His writing reminds me of watching a Louis Theroux documentary, chatty, conversational, gonzo. The Book’s charts Ronson’s journey through psychopathy, and rather than being a dry academic text on the subject is a really lively read.

As I wrote before, I have been writing a lot of short fiction recently. I have been toying with the idea of formulating it into a small ebook and uploading it for free download. I might write about this more fully when I have done so, but with the advent of ebooks there is a new means of unpublished writers getting their work out into the world. I have no idea if it is better to do this than to carry on doing what I used to do – submitting my stories to magazines. It’s an exciting development though and one I am interested to explore. I have been putting together an ebook of my stuff, making sure it looks good on the kindle screen, and seem to be getting somewhere with it. Hopefully it won’t take too much longer to get it ready, but I don’t want to rush it.

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